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The rare “Spirit” or Kermode Bear. A rare color mutation of the Black Bear gives it this color.

"If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?"

Ashton and Adelaide’s Prompts; My father used to tell me

 My faither used tae tell me tha’ magic was’nae real.

“Help ma boab, Merida! Are ye goin’ on aboot those wisps, again, lass?”

Ah can remember his words clearly, but neither o’ us knew how right ah was.

It took a while; weeks - months even, since King Fergus and Merida had managed to hold a conversation after the curse that she had put onto the Queen. King Fergus had never been one to believe in magic, or the will o’ the wisps, it had always been her mother that filled her head with fairy tales and magic.

When her mother almost became a real bear because of her stubbornness and pride, Merida didn’t know how her father would have reacted. He had believed that his wife was dead, and he had almost lost his daughter too. He was a proud man, he wasn’t all too clever at the right times, but he was strong – he was fast, he was witty, he knew what to do in a crisis, even if it wasn’t always the best thing to do.

A witch lived in the woods outside their castle for goodness knows how long and Merida knew that her father wouldn’t have been pleased. Under his nose, he would say. Mor’du was one thing; magic was another, in her father’s mind.

Merida had come to take all the blame on what happened to Queen Elinor, and placed it onto the only thing she could think would easily be able to take the blame, magic. She wasn’t rational enough to calm down and actually realise the witch that had given her the spell that changed her mum also gave her the means to change her back. But, still, she would become a lot like her father after the bear incident.

She hated magic and witches. Why wouldn’t she? She had almost lost her mother because magic was real, it was available. It was something that she would have to overcome. Her father was most likely still in a state of shock from everything, finding out magic was real – what had actually happened to her mother and her brothers… and then there was her mother and how she must have been feeling. Everything may have been happy, the situation brought the Queen and Princess closer, yes, but there was still more to it than that.

A period of happiness and celebration for the Queen’s life and changing her back happened, yes, there was a small party and the surrounding clans in Scotland had left happy. Merida was told that she could find love and then marries in her own time, but all of that meant little when it came to the fact that magic almost tore their family apart.

There was a part of her that knew that that had been her fault, but her pride wasn’t letting her admit it. Yes, her pride was the thing that caused it all in the first place, but she was working on that – promise.

Merida had come to get closer with her mother, but she had changed everything. She had changed her mother, she had changed her back, she had brought her family closer – but she had changed her own outlook on things. She had taken the magic out of her life. She had lost her childlike innocence. She had changed from that child that was giddily following the wisps through the woods. No, she was certainly gone.

If she never had to deal with magic again it would be too soon.

☮: Random Headcanon

When Merida gets angered by someone, she is known to keep a grudge for a long while. Even after an apology is received and she accepts it, you can bet your bottom dollar that this lass will still be holding whatever annoyed her against you deep down inside until she’s cooled down and found something else to be angry at.

☯: Pet Peeve Headcanon

One of Merida’s pet peeves is being dragged out of bed early in the morning when she just wants to lie in. She’s a lazy kid at heart and has always been one to hiss and moan to whoever tries to wake her up. This is why the maids are usually grumbling and unhappy throughout their mornings if they are on the receiving end of one of Merida’s early morning tantrums.

☄: Weather Headcanon

Her favourite weather is when it’s just been really hot and the sun has moved behind the clouds and the world is in that calm warm heat and the smallest breeze feels heavenly on your skin. She loves to watch the sunset and just be embraced by that sensation and most likely will spend every night like that with Angus in the field or down in the meadow by the glen, just watching. It’s one of her favourite things to do when it’s quiet and she’s by herself (or with Angus).


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